Zist Fanavari Novin biotechnology department with over 7 years' experience in teaching and training techniques of cellular and molecular biology, genetic, biotechnology and laboratory diagnosis field has been able to prepare suitable and scientific situation for biology students in order to be more skillful .Also according to increased rate of breast and gastric cancer in Iran, Novin biotechnology department has run more than 45 prognostic genetic in gastric cancer and breast cancer with collaboration of professors and scientists such as professor Kamran Ghaedi (post-doctoral in molecular genetic),professor Ali Zarabi (Ph.D. Nanobiotechnology), Dr mansoureh azadeh (Ph.D. cellular and molecular biology).


Molecular training field

  • Novin biotechnology department has defined more than 30
  • Genetic engineering 
  • PCRtechnique 
  • RT-PCR 
  • Real-Time PCR 
  • Bioinformatics 
  • DNA & RNA purification


Laboratory diagnosis training

  • Sampling 
  • Elisa technique 
  • Electrophoresis 

Project and research

  • Breast cancer genetic prognosis
  • Gastric cancer genetic prognosis
  • Microbial biotechnology